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2017 Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Bryan Casebonne,  Chairman, Shintech Louisiana, LLC

Christina Cedotal,  Past Chairman, The Dow Chemical Company

McKenzie Wille , Chair-Elect, Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office

McKenzie Wille, Treasurer, Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office

David Hall, First-Vice Chair, Iberville Parish Council

(Terms Expire 2020)

Bryan Casebonne, Shintech Louisiana

Katherine Daigle, Eastman

Jeff Powell, Iberville Parish School Board

(Terms Expire 2021)

Juli Maniscalco, Hargrove & Associates

Steve Smith, The AME Group

Frances Tempanaro, Eatel

McKenzie Wille, Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office

(Terms Expire 2022)

David Hall, Iberville Parish Council

(Chairperson’s 2019 Appointees)

Dan Bucholtz, The Dow Chemical Company

Chris Reeves, Edward Jones

Sarah Simmers, Westlake Chemical