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ICOC Headshots-79

2023 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

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ICOC Headshots-76
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ICOC Headshots-25

Katherine Daigle
Eastman Chemical


Chris Reeves
Edward Jones


Jude Barker
Barker Brothers

1st Vice Chair

Steve Smith
The AME Group

Past Chairman

Board Members

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ICOC Headshots-64
ICOC Headshots-12
ICOC Headshots-29
ICOC Headshots-43

Arthur Joffrion
Iberville Parish School Board

Aleisha Hall
Iberville Federal Credit Union

Glynna Mayers
Dow Chemical

David Hall
Iberville Parish Council

Monty Migliacio
Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office

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ICOC Headshots-40
ICOC Headshots-46

Cory Callegan
Shintech Louisiana

Stacie Keller
Bella Grace Paper & Wade Dean Co.

Bobby Blanchard
The 1st Bank

Charley Robinson
Homestead Realty