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Leadership Iberville is an annual leadership development program which aims to:

  • Seek out, train and promote high achievers for positions of voluntary responsibility in our community;
  • Provide these developing leaders with practical information concerning community problems and issues;
  • Establish a communication network among the emerging and existing leaders of the community
  • Challenge these leaders to increase their involvement in community affairs.

Who can participate?

Each year, we select a maximum of 20 potential leaders from our community who reflect the cultural, religious, racial, and ethnic diversity of our great parish.  Working alongside each other, class participants broaden their understanding of community issues and constituencies while they enhance their leadership skills. All applications are screened, and enrollment is not guaranteed.

Typical guidelines for selection to the program are for applicants who:

  • Are currently senior policymakers or show a strong possibility of achieving senior policy-shaping positions in their employment or volunteer organizations;
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to the community through volunteer work;
  • If employed, have the endorsement of their employer
  • Make a commitment to attend every session. Participants who miss more than two sessions are dropped from the program. Attendance at the opening and closing sessions are mandatory.

Program Commitment

Leadership Iberville begins in October with an opening session, continues through May with a half day each month, and ends with a closing session in May.  Sessions are conducted by recognized leaders and policy makers whose decisions affect the community in areas including economic development, business, labor, health and human services, education, diversity, environment, criminal justice, city and state government, media and the arts. Graduation is held upon completion of the program.

The tuition for the Leadership Iberville program is $1,000.  Participants are responsible for their fees; however, their employer, sponsoring organization or business usually pays the fee. Applications are due September 22, 2023.

For more information or to nominate a participant, please call 225-687-3560 or email Jennifer at